Bristol Street Trees

At the time of writing (17/06/07) we’re still patiently waiting for the government to publish ‘Trees In Towns 2’. However, the 12 case studies of new and innovative practice are already available in near final draft form.

Unlike Bristol City Council...

Richmond Council takes the trouble to inform residents abut the value of street trees.  Here is an inspiring page on the London Plane

In Westminster local businesses can sponsor a street tree

In Southwark there is lots of information on street trees including again how to request a tree to be planted Southwark’s record of street trees

In Bromley you can request to have a street tree planted

The Green Streets project helps local communities in Manchester, Salford and Trafford to green their neighbourhoods by planting street trees,

Newcastle held a public forum on street trees

Birmingham City Council also extols the virtues of street trees.  Having trees in our street can increase property prices by 15%

In February 2006 Birmingham City Council published a report to the city council on trees in the public highway.  This is a thoughtful examination of the benefits of street trees, their present loss and what needs to be done.

Further afield, Berlin recognises the value of street trees Berlin Street trees

In New York, a study recognised the value of street trees as a “cool US$122 million” – here cool is perhaps meant in the literal sense as the trees do mitigate the hot NYC summers worth