Bristol Street Trees


In New York, the City Parks Department runs workshops on the care of street trees:


One Million Trees in NYC:


A cartoon about a tree officer:


TPOs on crown land

Tree Preservation Orders: A Guide to the Law and Good Practice


We liked this site – though very few mulberry trees are street trees.  We wish that these same people would document all our street trees – or perhaps they could do an inventory of stumps?


For those that like small trees:


What other countries do. Over 6000 Providence residents have taken advantage of the Neighborhood Planting Program, a private organization which award groups of Providence residents with 5-20 trees on their street, providing they participate in the planting and take on the responsibility of the young trees’ care:


The extraordinary fictional story of the life of a thousand year old Oak tree.  Four Radio 5 programmes for you to listen to:


Video nation this is partly about highways trees:


Seven man-made wonders – the plane tree


Trees in winter – to help you identify the various buds


Gardening Which? are running a street tree campaign:


Gardening Which? campaign to protect and promote urban tree cover has three broad aims:

 • To help stop the abuse of urban trees

 • To see the many benefits of urban trees fully recognised by national and local government, communities and individuals

 • To encourage a new, forward-looking vision for urban trees in the new millennium

Good luck, we say: